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Business Force ERP System

Made to Improve Your Company Performance.

B-Force ERP System

B- Force ERP system automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations and keeping inventory records and financial data. Our ERP system can drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any organization as It can be customized to meet your specific needs and allow for an easier transition with your future.

B-Force ERP Modules

1.Finance Suite

General Ledger

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Fixed Assets

Cash flow and banks

Governmental forms

Cost centers

budget forecasting

2.Supply Chain Suite

Sales Management

Order Workflow

Purchasing Management

imports and exports

inventory control

Distribution management

3.Manufacturing Suite

Forecasting and Planning

Material Requirement Planning

Job order costing

production process control

Quality Control

Production Costing

Maintenance Machinery & Equipment

4.Customer Relationship Management

Prospecting & marketing

Sales planning

Customer services

Technical support

Outgoing and incoming messages

customer satisfaction

5.Human Capital Management



Leaves and Claims

Self - Service


Performance Appraisal


Employees Documents management

6.Point of Sale Management

Store control

Invoices management

Customers relationship management

Vendor relationship management

Pricing & barcoding management

Payments control

Headquarter & Branches Management

retail loyalty & offers management

Why Business Force ERP!

We have highly skilled and experienced team of dedicated ERP professionals to take care of your projects. You know your business better than anyone. Your insights, combined with our skills and creativity, will result in branding and marketing that truly stand out. We're ready to get started.

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B-Force ERP Features

Tailor to Your Needs.

With B-force Solutions, your team can change the documents, reports and do other required customization and tailoring when they need. You will not be dependent on others anymore.

Approval Alerts Notices

Our self-configurable management dashboards proffers User-specific business figures, required for quick decision-making.

Excel Import & Export

Data to any window can be imported from excel and all records and reports can be exported to Excel.

Email SMS Integration

External and internal communication can be supervised from within the system keeping track of all communication related to the records and files.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budget and forecast your organizations long and short term goals. Create budget approval workflows and compare budget to actual results. Budget various ways using general accounting structure, payroll or allocations. And more!

Calendar & Time Management

Manage your time and resources by utilizing B-force’s in-built personal or shared calendars and time management applications.

Task Management

Manage your time and resources by utilizing B-force’s in-built calendar and time management applications.

Multiple Languages

Manage international operations with a multi-lingual application. Print your documents in your customers’ languages.

BI and Reporting

B-force’s In-built Business Intelligence and Reporting has all that it takes to generate powerful reports of different types. All reports are fully customizable and extendable.

Workflow Management

A good ERP should have the capability to adapt to the business processes of a customer with all the necessary tools for modeling workflow and business processes. B-force WF is one of the most powerful workflow tools available in the market.

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All Your Devices,

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Use the new B-Force System on all your devices, wherever you go throughout your day. It syncs data automatically across your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android, And of course all your data is protected.

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It's Easy and Simple!

Easy for your Employees.

Business Force look and feel is very similar to Microsoft Office and other popular applications that you use daily. That means everyone can jump in and get to work immediately



Our Clients are provided with what we refer to as ``BUSINESS FORCE EXPERIENCE``

A successful, timely implementation and ``B-Force System`` supported by a staff dedicated to the highest quality process coupled with a positive attitude, and IT Professionals whose motivation is geared toward addressing your business needs efficiently.



The Benefit to our clients is that Business Force controls all the processes, end to end,

which leaves us a great ideal of flexibility in solving business issues that other suppliers simply can 't address.



B -force system is designed to give your people insights for their day to day work, and with accurate information, they can solve today's problems and plan for tomorrow.



As we manufacture our own Software, We are in full control of the quality of every element.

From the very first contact you make with Business Force until the time you have your ``B-Force system``, you will deal Strictly with our employees whose only goal is the successful implementation for each of our partners.

Easy to implement and affordable solution. Increase profitability!