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About Us

Who we are
What is B-Force?

Business Force is a leading provider of cutting edge information technology solutions established in 2007 based in Egypt. We offer a comprehensive and integrated solution to run your business, from maintaining records and tracking accounts for every receivable, to keeping a tab on the inventory, Payments, Customers, vendors, manufacturing, and protection.

How B-Force helps Businesses?

Business Force provides a single, integrated solution covering Accounts, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. Unusual for an ERP vendor, Business Force has also developed fully integrated vertical market solutions for hotels, restaurants, retail, professional services, manufacturing, membership, rental, and training companies.


B-Force Solution’s Objectives are to help you save time and efforts, improve business performance, increase operational efficiency and boost profitability.


B-Force Solutions are committed to providing an ERP solution that will exceed the expectations of your organization and provide the accountability to be successful in today’s economic climate.

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Our Values

 At Business Force, our core values are focused on helping businesses to bring out their full potential.

Our Mission

We believe that we have a responsibility to use our resources to make a positive impact on our customers. Our products simplify business processes and offer distinct advantages making B-Force one of the most preferred business software.

Our Vision

In our company we have one Target, achieve global IT services leadership in providing value-added high quality IT solutions to our clients.

Our Advantage

In Business Force Company We offer our customers a combination of innovative solutions and futuristic services to elevate their competitiveness. We deliver reliable, low cost, flexible and compliant systems that are adaptable to your organization’s changing needs. We place particular emphasis on partnering with our clients to deliver highly personalized service. We continuously evaluate and enhance our processes and technology to implement innovative solutions that improve efficiencies, add value and control the bottom line for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Here are just a few reasons for choosing B-Force Solutions:

It’s Easy

Our reliable, ready-to-use solutions are seamlessly implemented and easy to use, so you’ll be up and running smoothly.

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We pioneered ERP software for SMEs over 9 years ago and continue to offer cutting edge thinking and far reaching Solutions.

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Training and Consultation.

We’re behind you every step of the way and offer implementation, training, support, continuing education, webinars, a user conference, disaster recovery and hardware and networking services.

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Our solutions are powerful, effective and priced economically with implementation options to suit small, medium or large enterprises.

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Our experts know your industry better than any other software company because we have collaborated with your industry leaders.

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Reputation and References

Our commitment to our customers’ long term success has earned us an outstanding reputation in the industry.

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Optimize your organizational workflow and save costs with B-Force

Key Differentiators and Benefits:

A complete product covering all functional obligations of an enterprise

Inbuilt world-class Document Management System

Inbuilt Workflow Management System fully integrated with ERP functionality

Inbuilt Productivity Features including Email, Calendar, Tasks, etc.

Self-upgrade mechanism to the latest product version

Integrated with other popular systems such as CMS, e-commerce, BI and more.

Multi-Units of Measurement.

Business Intelligence features

Strong role-based security attributes

Extensive Support and Training

Ground-breaking Product Roadmap

Multi-Accounting Schema, Multi-Currency,

Quick Implementation

Highly Scalable

Web and Desktop based User Interfaces

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Tenant, Multi-Organization

B-Force ERP system manages your day to day activities, so you can focus on strategy and drive your business forward.

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